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Thursday, March 21, 2019
WebzWare Web Project Planner
  1. Thanks for contacting WebZware!* Yes, we know filling out a online form can be a little tedious, but believe it or not, most clients find that answering the following questions really gets them thinking about what they want to achieve with their new website. We don't expect an essay. Just answer whatever you can, and it will give us a little more insight into what we can do for you, ultimately making the process a little more streamlined. Ready? *For the moment, we are not interested in building the next Facebook/Twitter/Flickr, letting you “pick our brains” (free consulting services), or being paid in landscaping, hugs or good karma. We will let you know if and when these conditions change.
  2. Let's get some background info
  3. Full Name*(*)
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  4. E-mail(*)
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  5. Company Name
    What is the name of your company?
  6. URL
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  7. Primary contact person
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  8. Phone/Mobile No.
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  1. Ok, now tell us about the project:
  2. Nature of Your Business
  3. Target market (age, sex, occupation, etc.)
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  4. What are your company’s colors
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  5. What business goals do you plan to achieve with your new website
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  6. What makes your company different from your competitors
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  7. What impression do you believe that people have of your company
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  8. If you have one idea that you want to impress upon your clientele, what would it be?
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  9. Who are your major competitors? Please provide URLs alongwith
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  10. What sites do you feel have great design that could inspire this project ?
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  11. What is your budget for this project*(*)
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  12. What is your timeframe for this project
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  1. If you already have a site, tell us a bit about it
  2. What parts of your current website do you feel are successful? Why?
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  3. What are your current website's shortcomings?
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  4. Are you willing to revamp your website’s current feel, branding, etc.?
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  1. Let's talk about what you need us to create:
  2. How many pages will your site need?
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  3. How many different templates (page layouts)?
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  4. If you are interested in any design from our design gallery, please select
  5. Design ID
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  6. Do you require a website that you can edit and add content to (Content Management System)? (*)(*)
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  7. Do you want to sell any products online?(*)(*)
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  8. Any other special requirements (Client login, blog, search capability, email opt-ins, etc.)?
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  9. Do you need recommendations for site hosting?(*)(*)
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  1. Please let us know how and when to contact you.
  2. Do you have enough content to build a website (images, copy, etc.)?(*)(*)
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  3. Is all of the aforementioned content ready to go (images, copy, etc.)?(*)(*)
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  4. Do you require help with your content (copywriting, photography)?(*)(*)
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  5. Finally, let's make sure we didn't miss anything:
  6. Please add any information that you feel is relevant to providing you with a timely and accurate quote, and that will leave us with the best mental picture of what you want to accomplish with your website.
  7. If you have any design idea available to share with us please upload.
    Invalid Input
    Please upload your design in .jpg, .gif, .png, .cdr, .pdf or .psd format. Max upload Size is 4MB
  8. How should we contact you?
  9. When would you like to be contacted?(*)
    Please select a date when we should contact you.
  10. CAPCHA Antispam(*)
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  11. Please let us know how and when to contact you.

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